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Why redminePRO?

Redmine is the mostly trusted Powerful Open Source Project Management and Issue tracking system. Since it is written on Ruby language, it makes little hard to host, manage and maintain it o the cloud. We are here to help you on all those headaches by providing a Fully Managed Redmine for you so that you can focus on your projects.

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Issue Tracker

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Time Tracker

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Gantt View

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Agile View



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Release Plan

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Calendar View


Theme Selector

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Visual Reports

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User Mentions

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All plans come with Unlimited User Accounts and Unlimited Projects
Features of redminePRO

redminePRO Cloud

EU and US cloud for the best performance.
Your Redmine will be running on an SSD based High Speed Instance to ensure 99.99% uptime and smooth experience.

Security is not an Add-on

Your entire DATA is protected at REST and in Transit to provide maximum security.


Slack, Discord, Rocketchat and Mattermost Messenger integration.
Gitlab, Bitbucket Integrations and many more.

Advanced Reporting

Make use of the advanced and highly customizable reporting features and Monitoring and Controlling with Visual Reports.

Pre-Packed Plugins

Extend your Redmine experience with Scrum, Sprint, Backlog, Release Plan, Resource Management, Agile View and User Mentions.

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Most frequent questions and answers​

Yes, we do offer LifeTime FREE Redmine account for anyone. Recommended for startups up to 5 team members.

Yes, Absolutely. We will migrate your current Redmine from any version to the latest stable version.

We have datacenter across the globe. Your Redmine will be running on the Datacenter nearest to your location or your preference.

redminePRO is not just a project management Solution. It is much more than that, can be converted to CRM, HR, Finance System with a minimal onetime additional cost.

Also, Since we are using the opensource technology, you are not Locked In with any proprietary solution like Jira, Trello or any other solutions.

Have a look at our our Demo to explore the Fully Packed RedminPRO 

We are using multiple cloud providers and your Redmine will be hosted on the nearest DC of your location, thus reducing network latency and to provide optimum performance.

Nope. Security is our #1 concern. Your data will be hosted on an Instance which is not shared with others. redminePRO is using Single-Tenant Architecture.

Our Support Team is available 24×7 via email. Enterprise Customers will have dedicated account Manager from redminePRO

Sure, we can work with the third-party plugin vendor and have it supported on our platform.

Would you like to check the features before buying the plan?